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Efficient Running Techniques

After reading Triathlete’s Guide To Bike Training, I decided to buy the entire series of books for “Triathlete’s Guide”. They are:

I have found these books to be of great value. Mainly because each one focuses on a specific discipline, but keeps the overall picture in mind. Each book goes into details on specific techniques to focus on for maximum efficiency and power.

IMHO, most other triathlon training books that cover all aspects, don’t go into as much detail on the types of techniques that can help you. Plus these books are darn cheap! They range from $12-$16 bucks. I wish that I had known about these books before I bought some others, I could have saved a few bucks.

Anyway the book on running has really got me thinking about proper technique for running efficiently. The book provides a lot of details on how to lean forward, and running on the balls of your feet. I have started using these techniques (prior to this my foot strike was always heel first, which apparently is very inefficient and can lead to injuries), but still feel that I may be doing something wrong. I am a visual person, so I looked online for some videos. And came across the Pose Method web site. From what I can tell, this is very similar to what the book discusses. There are some great videos on the site.

I found this one on proper “foot strike”.

This made me realize that I need to get a video on proper running technique. Because of the wonderful info on the Pose web site I looked at their DVD first, but it seems to be a bit pricey, and the reviews on Amazon are mixed, apparently the quality of production is very poor. (BTW, I prefer to buy things from Amazon when I can, because it is SOOOO easy to return things).

After about an hour of research, I found a video called Evolution Running. This DVD has glowing reviews , and is about half the price. Plus as a bonus it is by Ken Mierke, who is the author of the Triathlete’s Guide To Running that I like so much. I will be getting the video soon, and will post a review on it as soon as I can.

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